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The world's 10 most beautiful sexy hips. _ Weight loss

among the hip in the female human body because of its prominent features sexy and plays an important role.
The study showed that waist-hip ratio (WHR) 0.7 fascinated women most men, and those who have a perfect hip celebrities and models, most are below a 0.7 ratio of waist and hip circumference.
. Hzh {display: none;} Let us steal the division the following 10 best bottom star, do Qiaotun beauty! No. 1: Kelly Hu Kelly Hu is both sexy beautiful women, but also action star.
Attractive smooth skin, sexy hips, is really a glamorous Overlord flowers.
Nice Bottom Tips: The University of Texas psychologist Devendra Singh of the person's waist-hip ratio (WHR) were studied.
With a 0.7 WHR (waist to show that much thinner than the hips) of the women most men fascinated.
Scientists on the "Playboy" magazine models and Miss America contestants were analyzed body size and found that the majority of these women have less than 0.7 WHR.
2 Name: Kelly Brook Kelly Brook 50 years known as the sexiest British actress.
She was a beautiful hip line to the British newspaper named the world's most beautiful buttocks.
Nice Bottom Tips: hip is mainly required the United States: a large waist circumference were significantly higher than hip.
Buttocks and waist from the side at the curve of the connection leg was bent.
Viewed from the back into two perfect round buttocks, hips backward processes without sagging, the skin feeling smooth and elastic resilience.
Women with tight pants, a skirt, wear high heels, very effective on the United States reflects the buttocks, and hips Bodybuilding dependence on the United States are also high.
Chapter 3: Kaili Mi Luo Kai Li Miluo curve of the back and buttocks as a "legacy of human aesthetics."
Kelly voted for their own sexy Yutun £ 300 insurance.
Nice Bottom Tips: hip waist skinny leg before going to bed.
The specific method is: lying in bed, slowly raised his feet close together, carried the body down slowly at 90 degrees (not bend the knees, shoulders and arms can not be forced.)
At 30 cm from the bed to stop and wait 1 minute, 10 times.
Stop time beginning about 15-30 seconds, gradually lengthen the time to 2 minutes.
Allows smaller knee, hip, waist and firm, the lower abdomen and stomach fat disappear.
Chapter 4: Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe femme century has a remarkable 89-56-89 measurements, removing the ribs after the waist, it shows that full round buttocks shape.
Nice Bottom Tips: want to become strong hips, avoid laxity and sagging, the first principle is the need to reduce dietary animal fat intake.
Eating too much butter or cheese, not only easy to make the blood acidic, people easily, but can also make fat accumulation in the lower half, resulting in Tunbuxiachui.
So it is best to like the original vegetable protein soy, or low in calories and nutritious seafood staple food.
Also, eat more vegetables, fruits, fish, drink plenty of water.
Chapter 5: Lee Hyo Ri Lee Hyo Ri hip tattoo, sexy do not have some charm.
Nice Bottom Tips: climbing stairs junk, easy and save money.
If you take the stairs, each step of two steps, you can drive your thigh and buttocks muscles, tighten your buttocks.
Chapter 6: Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz made her the perfect curve on the big screen has Splendid.
Especially when looking back at me beautiful, rounded buttocks that was a very reveries.
Nice Bottom Tips: brush your teeth, feet close together, shoulders straighten, tightening force from the hip.
Mouth, the hips relaxed.
Repeat these two movements, buttocks and thighs can make the lines more attractive.
Chapter 7: Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez's buns the ultimate sexy dance, hip twisting power technology must not lose songs.
In the "most striking carcass election", she ranked third.
Nice Bottom Tips: Rooster independent Callipyge method: to find a chair, leaning back, kick stand up straight, stretching the other foot back in the air, about 2 seconds and then lay down, the action can be repeated 10 to 15 times,
Then do for the foot.
Chapter 8: Leah Dizon sexy beauty Leah Dizon as the Malaysian car baby, has always been the focus of much attention on the track.
A set of her latest photo placed in the billiard table, Mei-chi, the ultimate erotic pull thong, filling the small woman's flirtatious tenderness.
Nice Bottom Tips: Ancient British fitness expert Nice Bottom Loyalty out down to the simple exercise, you can also try Oh: A. face down prone position, the head easily to put the arms on the cross.
B. slowly inhale, lift the right leg at the same time, to pause a few seconds at the highest, and then edge slowly down side breathing.
C. should pay attention to the fetal leg toes, under pressure, and hips can not be off the ground.
As far as possible the leg straight, raise, you will feel the hip is tightened.
Repeat the above action 20 times, then switch legs.
Once a day.
Chapter 9: Kate Hudson Kate Hudson upturned buttocks, moving curve, with a sweet smile, young, sweet girl when the head of the new Hollywood is nothing strange.
Nice Bottom Tips: If you think that smoking, drinking, staying up late, and too much pressure, they do not need to run for the hip, nothing to do with hip-shaped, that may fault! Wrong! Wrong! Bad habits form of absolute relations with the hip,
poor blood circulation, metabolism, poor muscle relaxation, want to have the abundance of rounded buttocks, dreaming! No. 10: Coco Lee Coco Lee is a Chinese singer in the famous "electric hip days," her dance fresh violence, hot
, wild, sexy twist of the hips continue to spark clashes.
Nice Bottom Tips: Nice Bottom cover-up - panty choice.
In order to beautify the hip line, showing improving results with the tight, use panty is necessary.
According to different Tunxing, Shuku principle of selection is as follows: the hip is greater: to choose the long-Shuku crotch deep in order to wrap the entire buttocks and waist modification.
Do not choose to do panty-inch smaller in order to avoid being squeezed out even more unsightly fat.
Tunbuxiachui: collapse will usually redundant sagging thigh, so hip in the form of reinforcement, they must be considered part of the thigh.
Recommended to choose fabrics and firm, strong support for the panty.
Hip flat: The main disadvantage of this type is that the waist to the hip hip curve between the lack of three-dimensional sense of Seoul, it is necessary to wear a pad attached to the underwear seemed to stand a type.