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Eat carrots, potatoes, you can easily lose weight.

Potatoes are a low-fat, low calorie food. According to the determination of carbohydrate per kilogram of potatoes, 158 grams, and its heat equivalent to only rice for 1 / 5, which contain fat, 70% for the flour. The protein content of high quality potatoes in the vegetables in the title serves as up to 2.3%, and other nutrients the body needs, such as carbohydrates, vitamins B, C and calcium, magnesium, potassium, also everything. Comprehensive assessment of the results of experts: 1 kg potatoes nutritional value equivalent to 3.5 apples. Therefore, the U.S. Food and expert asserted: Even eating only whole milk and potatoes meal, but also satisfy all the nutrients needed by the body.

Radish weight loss better than even potatoes. From the nutritional point of view, radish rice for the heat equivalent to only 1 / 25, fat content is almost zero, even take the crude fiber content than potatoes and sweet potato is also much, so after eating can easily lead to satiety. Radish also contains large amounts of calcium and phosphorus iron and other minerals needed by the body and rich in vitamins, will not eat carrots and eat other foods cause nutritional deficiencies. Radish (mainly white radish) also contains a can induce metabolic enzymes of fat material, it can effectively reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. So the carrot is "neither a nutrient imbalance in fear, but also the natural foods to feed their families."