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Home>>Eliminate acne, pigmentation and other best yoga poses >> 2010-11-25 15:06:36
Eliminate facial skin acne, pigmentation and other best yoga pose should be salutations, triangle-type and variant.

A variety of yoga breathing, facial skin to eliminate acne, pigmentation and so have the effect, but the best is none other than cool breathing.

Salutations detoxification function, for the yogi who has always taken seriously.

The traditional yoga theory, at dawn and dusk, heaven and earth is yin and yang, the occasion of intercourse, the air is full of Prana (life energy), practicing in the two hours of worship the sun, can learn more Paulaner , so we are full of life.


Mainly around the bend, stretch our backbone of the tree of life, by life stress and strain of the twisted spine, stretching every muscle in our body, every vein, every nerve ... ...

Salutations, not only absorb energy from the outside, but in wake own inner energy. Its whole body functions, for our lives, really can be said that the benefits of the kind of compassion. Yogi, a practice only if he one day, no doubt thanks to Japanese.

Salutations, to improve the facial skin pores, oily skin and so on, very effective.

Facial skin, is not simply a skin problem, but we have a comprehensive characterization of various body systems. Daily life is no law, not break, there will be looking tired, the dull reveal Yancangbuzhu. Blood is not the net, there will be facial skin acne, pigmentation, etc., which is a signal inside the body organ dysfunction is a manifestation. To improve the facial skin, you need to purify our blood. Purify our blood, it is necessary for our bodies within the blood, storage of blood, major organs filter the blood, liver, spleen, kidneys were adjusted so that their function is normal, but full of vitality. The yoga asanas are a lot of massage of these organs and conditioning, regular practice of yoga asana and breath work help to improve the physical condition.


Triangle and its variants, is to adjust the function of the three main organs of a very effective style.

Chinese traditional medicine has "left the Green Dragon, White Tiger right," said.

Triangle-and change your practice style, the left stretch the spine, with the perspective of Chinese medicine is "Shugan Qi, nourishing and blood" to promote the circulation of these organs, organs removed from the deposition of these toxins, stimulate the spine from the side These organs and other organs of the nerves, thereby adjusting the function of these organs, adjust your whole body functions, that is to adjust your "yin and yang balance."

Traditional Chinese medicine as well as "lung skin and hair," said

"Superficial" Western said to include sweat glands, skin and hair and other organizations; it secrete sweat, moisturizes the skin, regulating the function of respiratory and resist evils. Lung through its "Vision Development" role, the qi and blood fluid transport cloth body, warm fur keeps the skin to maintain its normal physiological role.

A variety of yoga breathing, is to regulate and strengthen the lung function, increased sweat glands, skin and hair detox, detoxification, which is the elimination of facial skin of the chicken pox, measles, one spot as the most effective way.

Breathing in yoga, can purify the blood of the breathing, the most important cool breathing.

Yoga postures and breathing Combination of the above, it will make your feet kidney, liver blood Ning, pulmonary orifices through the body of toxins will be excluded as soon as possible, blood will be purified, the blood will be to reconcile the yin and yang to will be balanced.

In this way, your heart will be more peaceful, full of joy arises naturally, will be from the inside out, the distribution of your energy, filled with the glory of your life.

Of course, inside the body conditioning, needs a natural process, not an overnight thing.

Cool breathing (Sitali)

1, the tongue, lips out a little.

2, rolled his tongue like a tube.

3, roll up the tongue and mouth by inhalation of air, and issued a "hissing" sound.

4, as much as possible to hang a long interest (security interest, stop) to your comfort level.

5, then slowly exhale through both nostrils.

More than a day to do exercises in the early morning 15 to 30 times.

You can use Lotus Sitting (Padmasana), perfection sitting (Siddhasana), King Kong sitting (Vajrasana) to do it, or you are standing, or walking to do this exercise.

The Prana Yama (Pranayama breathing control) purify the blood. It thirst, hunger relief. It allows the body to cool down the system. It eliminates chronic indigestion (Gulma), splenomegaly (Pleeha), many chronic diseases, inflammation, fever, tuberculosis, indigestion, liver and gallbladder disease, phlegmatic, the adverse effects of toxins, snake bites and so on.

Indian yoga guru Swami. Shiva Nanda's (Swami Sivananda) book "Breathing the science of control" (The Science Of Pranayama) in that:

When you are trapped in the jungle, or you do not get water in other places, if you feel thirsty, practice this Prana Yama, will ease the thirst.

Prana Yama regularly practice this person will not be bitten by snakes and scorpions.

Cool breathing (Sitali Kumbhaka) is an imitation of the snake breathing.

Practitioners to improve the ability of his skin, patience air, water and food shortages. He will resist all kinds of inflammation and fever.