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Home>>U.S. reveals sexy feminine neck Yoga >> 2010-12-1 10:57:57
The neck is the site of a woman revealing sexy, sexy curve of the neck of the opposite sex can be as you attract the attention of many. Most obese people can be full of fat on the neck will be looked short and fat neck, really unpleasant. The United States today carotid Xiaobian recommend yoga for you to help you practice sexy beautiful temperament.

(1) reduce fine wrinkles and neck - neck massage function

Step one: Choose sitting or standing, the palm of your hands fast in his chest rub.

Step two: according to rub the palm from the bottom up, from the inside to the outside of the order of the neck massage.

Shaping Tip: Note that both hands to gently and slowly to practice, so as to fully nourish our neck of the skin.

Efficacy: Nourish the neck skin to prevent and reduce fine lines, always show smooth neck.

(2) restoration of the neck skin elasticity - neck stretching

Step one: Choose sitting or standing, back straight.

Step two: exhale, turning the head to the right side, right in front of the eyes to see as much as possible.

The third step: Inhale, head back to the center, in-situ adjustment of smooth breathing, with the head turned to the left of breath, eyes to the left front. Inhale, head back to the regular, repeated 3 times.

Step four: re-breath, bow down, as far as possible the position of the chin close to the clavicle.

Fifth step: Inhale, will head back to center.

Step Six: breath, the head thrown back, chin pointing to the direction of the ceiling, breathing, head back to the positive. Over and over 3 times.

Body sculpting Note: All of the consciousness of the feeling of tension on the neck, the exercise should be done slowly and gently when, do not let the neck muscles too hard and tiring, try to keep shoulders relaxed.

Efficacy: thrust the neck muscles and ligaments, active neck skin, so as to restore flexibility.

(3) removal of fat on the neck - neck rotation

Step one: Choose sitting or standing, keep the back straight.

Step two: exhale, slowly bow down, smooth breathing.

Step Three: With the inhale, so the neck to the right, backward rotation.

Step four: breath, neck to the left, forward, and so on clockwise rotation of the neck 5 laps. Exercise also rotate the opposite direction 5 laps.

Shaping Tip: To slow gentle exercise, when both sides of the neck as close as possible to the shoulder, but do not shrug when the neck issue a "giggle" sound, the need to fear, it is because the flexible neck is slowly changing.

Efficacy: relief of the cervical spine fatigue, help to eliminate the phenomenon of tension and headaches