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Home>>Share: Finger massage to eliminate double chin >> 2010-12-27 9:22:24
Finger pressing massage can effectively eliminate the double chin, but also your pretty little face, finger massage can also eliminate bubble eye, specific massage methods, together with the Xiaobian look under it!

Finger massage to eliminate double chin

1, Acupressure acupuncture points: the location of acupressure and acupuncture points and meridians can not orthodox, but from the beginning to the mandibular jaw angle to proceed, that is, when the rise of the chin and neck junction of the bone. Side along the edge of the mandible bone, from left to right, from bottom to top, is to eliminate the most effective parts of fat on the chin.

2, refers to the pressure method: four fingers close together, fingers up, thumb on the submental (under the jaw and muscle transfer of the Department, the jaw edge.)

3, wash with warm water and then soak the face with cold water 3 minutes, wash your face with warm water interaction can promote blood circulation and metabolism, thermal expansion and contraction of the principle can eliminate edema.

4, wash your face after the swelling of the eyelids and other areas painted with eye eye cream, and then shot in the face evenly coated on the toner and moisturizing cream, with the faint aroma of fresh beauty every day brings start.

The above actions can not only eliminate eye puffiness, daily massage can also dilute the dark circles, eye wrinkles, eye blood circulation promoting effect, while preventing the end of eye ptosis, slow down the aging eye, the simple little trick there is a huge effect.

Aerobic massage face-lift

1, Acupressure acupuncture points: from the forehead to the temple, his hands pressing 3 times to 4 times.

2, alternating massage: hands the middle finger, ring finger tap alternately on both sides of the nose, repeat once or twice. Then massage the cheeks in a spiral pattern: the lower jaw to the ear, ear to ear top, repeated twice.

3, light pull jaw: using both thumbs, index finger alternately light pull jaw line, from left to right and from the 3 times.

4, stroking his neck: a double-hand from the bottom up stroking his neck.

Finger pressing massage to eliminate bubble eye

Shiatsu, a Quxie, and clear meridians function. Whatever the causes of eye puffiness, dark circles, eye wrinkles, etc., can be used acupressure, massage a means of achieving the purpose of bodybuilding Oh little face.

1, Acupressure acupuncture points: eye swelling of the hole point to "medial orbital bone side" of the swelling effect was obvious. Meridian orthodox approach has four points, namely: save bamboo, eyes out, sobbing bearing pupil.

2, in order to save bamboo hole as a starting point, using a clockwise direction, along the medial orbital bone margin compression, according to a particular sore point is the block where the most serious at this time would strengthen the massage, and finally down the press to save points for the end of the bamboo.